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ScanNano Launches iScanNano Internet Security Service

ScanNano is a independent IT security team that constantly monitors the state of websites that the public comes in contact with.


Peachtree Corners, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/19/2017 -- There are millions of security vulnerabilities on the Internet, iScanNano has been tasked with finding them and reporting on those security issues to the public.

ScanNano provides internet security solutions to clients around the world and the general public who have come to count on them to deliver third-party vulnerability testing of websites, login pages, and web apps.

ScanNano was formerly engaged in the design and commercial development of a series of advanced security system devices for local area networks and WANs.

"We were shocked how many websites were facing security issues." said Marian Lao, security team lead at ScanNano. "Some of the most popular websites around have security issues and vulnerabilities on them."

The most important trend in malware of 2017 is polymorphism. Which is when each instance of malware is unique and undetectable by traditional signature-based security approaches. Approximately 94 percent of malware and potentially unwanted application executables were only seen once. ScanNano's internet monitoring will help track and alert to these infections.

iScanNano will begin to analyze more than 30 billion URLs, 700 million domains, 5 billion IP addresses, 40 million mobile apps, and 15 billion file behavior records already connected to the Internet. The top three phishing targets in 2016 were Google, Yahoo, and Apple.

The newly focused on advanced Internet security and IT system devices for vulnerability scanning on third-party websites and applications are now live. Ransomware will continue to be a significant threat and a growing problem for businesses.

You can find out more about the new team in place or ScanNano's past history on Crunchbase, originally founded to specialize in LAN security.

About ScanNano
ScanNano is a dedicated independent IT security team that constantly monitors the state of websites that the public comes in contact with, and trusts their data to. Think of us as your third-party advocate online for accountability.

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