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SCAS Capital Releases a Series of Real Estate Investment Funds for Iraq


Beirut, Lebanon -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/08/2014 -- Dating back to thousands of years now, Iraq is a pre-historic country that is at the moment working furiously to rebuild itself. Plagues by decades of wars, economic sanctions and neglect, Iraq is left with a severe housing shortage. Pre-dating to the “Saddam-Era”, housing shortage has gone from bad to worse with new construction unable to keep up with demand coming from a surging population and the obsolescence of existing dwellings. Iraqi population growth stands at 2.9% annually, and the lack of construction since 1997 to date, widened the housing deficit from 350,000 to 3 million units shortage. The government is now taking aggressive steps in the pursuit of closing this gap. However, ongoing bad press coverage of the country’s security and political turmoil has not been helping in attracting sufficient investments to the sector.

According to latest financial news magazines, IEA and the IMF, Iraq is on track to not only claim its position as the world leading oil exporter, but also achieve the world’s highest sustainable compounded economic growth of 9% per annum for the next five years. As such, it has been deemed as among one of the ultimate emerging markets where there are a ton of investment opportunities. Iraq Investment opportunities are arising in all of the sectors of the country’s respective national economy. A few daring companies are not being deterred by the country’s political strife and are tapping in to the tremendous amounts of potential business profits that can be gained from taking a risk and establishing themselves in Iraq. With regard to that, SCAS Capital is the only professionally private equity firm targeting Iraq and investing in real estate projects and companies in the country. The firm has just released a series of real estate investment funds ranging between $5-15 million each, and targeting NIC-sponsored projects as well as privately held real estate projects with expected fund IRR exceeding 60%. SCAS achieves these IRRs by adopting investment strategy focusing on real estate assets in prime locations as well as projects that 100% NIC and government backed in safer areas of Iraq. is a website that is in the business of providing current Iraq Business News, so as to influence potential investors to invest in Iraq. They are providing the opportunity to companies everywhere to make use of their numerous investment strategies in order to gain the optimum results of their respective investments. They, at Investment Iraq provide all the information necessary concerning this country in transition, so as to seek out all the investment possibilities that are present by keeping all potential investors well informed about the present day Iraq Financial News.

Not only does encourage companies to team up with them in terms of Iraq Investment, but the company is also working towards reaping the benefits from all potential business growth opportunities that are present in this country on the road of transition. Their expertise though, lies in real estate investment, explaining SCAS Capital’s recent move. Their competent team is currently earning superior returns from these investments.

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