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Rocklin, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/04/2013 -- People usually use candles when it’s dark, to illuminate the environment. But it’s also a fact that candles can also create a mood and a better atmosphere. Scentsy Candles provided by Scentsy Inc illuminates the environment and spreads the fragrance in the atmosphere. There are many things that make Scentsy candles different from ordinary scented candles.

It’s been discovered that certain natural oils can improve the human state of mind and body. These oils can give a good sleep, elevate mood and lessen depression. Scentsy Wickless Candles use such natural oils to do all this and scents the air. “We strive to create items which are appealing, high quality and fun,” says Scentsy Inc, adding that only best scented oils can spread an endless aroma.

The company explains that they have used a unique combination of various ingredients of high quality to create the melted wax, which is then transformed to Scentsy candles. The candles are offered in various varieties of warmers. Customers can choose from over 80 scents, for their plug-in Scentsy warmers. The wax in Scentsy candles doesn’t evaporate; however, it will lose the scent eventually. Certain jar candles use potential chemicals. These chemicals are likely to cause health issues after prolonged use. Scentsy Inc says there is no such problem with Scentsy candles.

As there is no open flame in a Scentsy candle, it doesn’t pose a threat of causing fires. The Scentsy wickless candles don’t produce soot, ensuring that the environments remain clean. The company promises a long lasting scent as one Scentsy warmer bar can last a month. The candles are also quite affordable, and the company promises that users can save a lot of money with Scentsy candles rather than spending a lot more on conventional jar candles. To learn why Scentsy candles provide excellent value, visit

About Scentsy Wickless Candles
Scentsy Inc is a rapidly growing company providing scented wickless candles that are warmed instead of burned. Decorative ceramic warmers are provided by the company, which doesn’t produce soot. The company uses natural oil combinations to make sure that the fragrance is healthy and safe. Customers are given a wide list of scent bars to choose from, guaranteeing that each bar will last up to almost 80 hours. The company also provides savings offers for customers.

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