Publishes New Review and Analysis of Quibids, Madbid and Swoggi


Berlin, Germany -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/16/2014 --, a German website dedicated in reviewing various popular penny auction websites and providing strategies for winning prizes on these sites, has recently published a new review of the 3 most popular penny auction websites in Europe – Madbid, Quibids and Swoggi.

Since a lot has changed since last time performed a comprehensive review, the editors of the site now have re-reviewed the functioning of these sites and have provided new ratings according to the customer experience each company offers.

Schnaeppchen Vergleich rarely favors a certain penny auction website because it wants its followers to diversify themselves as deals around the year vary from site to site, however the latest reviews are clearly tipped towards Madbid with respectable scores given to Quibids and Swoggi as well.

The reviews find that all three websites have significantly changed now and are offering great prizes, which is probably due to their success over the years. All 3 platforms are considered to be transparent and fair by Schnaeppchen Vergleich, and the goods that are being auctioned do indeed have a great market cost and are of latest technology.

But the reviews by Schnaeppchen Vergleich indicate that when comparing the consistency of the 3 websites, Madbid has offers that are more frequent and are highly demanded. The prizes by Madbid, according to the reviewer, are also very useful hence ensuring that the winner is in fact going to enjoy their prize.

Madbid has been favored by French penny auction enthusiasts as well, including the popular review site, The French site has done a comparative study on Madbid, Quibids and Swoggi which clearly represents Madbid as the best penny auctions France website.

Madbid which started from U.K., has now become very popular in Europe especially in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Russia and other nations. Quibids however is still a preferred choice in the U.S. Hence, the locality of the company’s website also comes into play when selecting a suitable penny auctions host.

About is a German website that reviews various popular penny auction websites and provides tips & techniques on improving the winning percentage when bidding. The website recently re-reviewed the three most popular penny auction websites in Germany i.e. Madbid, Quibids and Swoggi.

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