Reviews Madbids, Swoggi and Quibids Auktions Websites


Berlin, Germany -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/14/2014 --, a personal blog of an avid online bidder who has tried and tested numerous penny auction bargain websites legal for German citizens, has recently published a comprehensive review clearly outlining the similarities and differences of the 3 major online bidding companies – Madbids, Swoggi and Quibids.

Madbids and Swoggi are more popular in Europe where as Quibids has a significant following in the U.S. Understanding that many people frown upon online bidding websites and merely think that these websites are scams, the blogger of has also published numerous articles sharing his experiences some positive while others unpleasant.

The blogger does clearly mention that it is often tough to gauge whether a penny auction website is a fraud or not and it is best to stick with the established companies as they have a proven transparent track record. One such company is Madbids which was initially launched in the U.K. and has now reached many European countries including Germany. Madbids, according to the blogger’s articles, has gained immense respect for providing great deals which are offered very frequently when compared to its competitors. Since the company now has many connections with warehouses, it offers newly launched products to its members also.

Full review of Madbids, Swoggi and Quibids is available on the website, in which detailed information is provided which can be very useful for new online bidding enthusiasts. After trying out many penny auction bargain websites the blogger and now a successful online bidder himself has chosen Madbids as his favorite website mainly due to its fair policies and great deals. Websites such as Swoggi and Quibids Auktions, were considered shady by the blogger who in the reviews states that lack of transparency raises major concerns when bidding with these websites.

Offering a unique service of reviewing penny auction bargain websites specific to German residents, the blogger of has provided extensive content regarding online bidding which should clear majority if not all of queries that a beginning online bidding enthusiasts might have. At least 10% discounts on bid packs of all major penny auction bargain websites is also available via

About is one of the leading personal blogs which reviews various online penny auction bargain companies legal in Germany. Through the online platform,, the numerous reviews of prominent penny auction bargain websites such as Madbids, Quibids, Swoggi and many other can be viewed. The site also offers tips and techniques of how to increase chances of winning the bargains and frequently provides exclusive discounts on bid packs.

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