Scholarship Available at Mildred Elley Through


Pittsfield, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/08/2013 -- Great news for folks looking into furthering their education! Berkshire County Dream Center is spearheading the “Server 24” initiative to give back to the people of our community. Locally owned and operated is proudly sponsoring this initiative by donating an educational scholarship to a local applicant. What this means is that a select individual from the Berkshires will receive a Mildred Elley Educational Scholarship which will help that person increase their ability to earn a better income. Both organizations believe that obtaining a higher education results in self-sufficiency and family solvency, and both believe in serving the people of Berkshire County.

Anyone from Berkshire County can apply, including current students, there are no restrictions. To apply for the Mildred Elley Educational Scholarship, simply go online to Berkshire County Dream Center’s face book page and look for the Mildred Elley educational scholarship banner, then click through to fill out the brief application form. You can go to the page directly from here: A non-affiliated third party will choose the recipient of the Berkshire County Dream Center and Mildred Elley Educational Scholarship on or prior to January 13, 2014. Best of luck to all applicants, and should you win, pay it forward when you can.

Here is a little background on The website has been owed by a businessperson located right here, in this community, for over eight years. The goal of Credit-yogi is to provide excellent guidance to people who are trying to avoid getting into too much debt, those who are making an attempt at repairing their damaged credit, and anyone else who has a financially-based problem or issue. By joining the Berkshire County Dream Center initiative, Credit-yogi is helping people see that gaining a higher education can prevent credit and debt issues before they start, and isn’t that a beautiful thing?