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Scholarship Scouts Looks out for Educational Opportunities for Students


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/13/2012 -- Scholarships can be a fantastic way for people who couldn’t normally afford to attend mainstream higher education to take part in accredited courses at reputable institutions, which in turn can make all the difference for their future career prospects. With a struggling economy forcing many to tighten their belts, and student loans more prohibitively expensive than ever before, many are being turned off higher education and losing out on the benefits it provides. Scholarship Scouts is a new website looking to change that.

The site provides a listing and summary of all the major scholarships available for students to apply for in the US, from high school senior scholarships to scholarships for women, no essay scholarships and even left handed scholarships. The intention of the site is to bring many of these obscure pools of revenue to light so more students are able to take advantage of them.

There is no trick: these scholarships exist, but many don’t place a priority on advertising, hoping that students who take the time to find them will better deserve the funding. Because many of these scholarships are quite obscure, the number of annual applicants can be quite low, increasing an individual’s chances of success with their application.

The site provides break downs by category: under nursing scholarships, ten different scholarships are listed with a detailed summary of the main terms of the scholarship, accompanied by a link to the website where students can apply. This simple system, powered by a clean interface, makes finding this information more akin to talking to an expert who can recommend the best options than a google search that can throw up millions of irrelevant or time-wasting results.

A spokesperson explained, “Our mission in collating all this data was to make it easier on students for whom it is harder than ever to successfully fund a college education. These scholarships cover all kinds of areas, levels of education and individual specifics, like gender, handedness, race or economic background. As we continue our research, we hope to have something for everyone.”

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