ScholarshipsnGrants Look to Connect Students With Funding


Draper, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/31/2012 -- Education has never come cheap in America, but more and more Americans’ college funds seem inadequate in the face of rising tuition fees, cost of living, and a much tighter budget in the home amid a global recession. Despite this, a huge variety of scholarships and grants are available and many students give up on their scholarly ambitions without exploring all the possible options. Scholarships N Grants has vital information for prospective students that could change all that.

Scholarships N Grants is a new website dedicated to providing information on the cornucopia of non-traditional funding options available to prospective students, with up to date information on the widest variety of scholarships and grants available in the US.

For those who may be cynical as to the breadth of opportunities provided for specific qualification criteria for college students and scholarships, they need look no further than the high quality, original editorials posted on the site with regard to left handed scholarships, single mother scholarships and study abroad scholarships.

In each of these cases and many more, the site goes into fine detail about the kind of benefits students will receive from a successful scholarship or grant application to these very particular offerings, as well as advice on how to find them, how to apply for them, and ‘final thoughts’ on their place in the academic landscape. Most articles carry external links direct to the website for the given scholarship, meaning prospective students can start to apply in minutes. This is made even easier by the home page category system, allowing users to filter posts in terms most relevant to them.

A spokesperson Scholarships N Grants explained,

“It’s a real shame that so many students give up on their ambitions because of lack of funding, and equally, many scholarships don’t advertise and so students can’t be blamed for not knowing about them. This site is designed so that interested parties can gain a great level of insight quickly and easily into the world of scholarships and grants and with any luck, make successful applications to win them.”

About Scholarships N Grants
Scholarships N Grants is a new website designed to provide information on the different scholarships and grants available to prospective students, many of whom may not be aware of the variety of scholarships they might qualify for were they to apply. For more information please visit: