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School Travel Service Trips Directly Linked to Future Career Success

A recent study by a leading market research company has shown that school travel service field trips are directly linked to future career success.


Brighton, East Sussex -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/31/2013 -- A new study by a Massachusetts based market research group has shown a direct link in the US between educational trips and career success, highlighting the importance of educational travel in schools. This is a research result that companies such as School Travel Service in the UK have been highlighting.

The ‘Educational Attainment and Future Success’ survey is part of a new ‘Travel Effect’ campaign recently launched by the market research company. It incorporates the data collected from 400 American adults and their views and achievements in correlation with school trips they took as children. The study revealed that those who took school trips between 12 and 18 years of age generally achieved better grades and had higher incomes later in life. The adults who travelled were also more likely to graduate high school, and of those who graduated 63 percent then went on to graduate from college.

The president of the company states that not only did they see an overall positive correlation for graduation rates, they also noted that the adults who travelled as children were seen to have 12% higher incomes annually.

The survey was focused on educational trips taken by either schools or families that incorporated mainly learning based activities. The data was validated further by using participants that were balanced in terms of gender, ethnicity and levels of income, and this was kept for both samples, those who took part in trips and those who did not.

The key findings revealed by the study are that the adults who had taken part in trips such as those offered by school travel services saw career benefits later in life and earned better grades. Many of them sought out higher learning opportunities and travel was seen to add context and depth to their classroom discussions. A spokesman for the US travel association added that incorporating educational benefits in cultural or historical contexts can clearly enrich education and have a major impact on future career success.

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