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Bloomington, IN -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/25/2013 -- Sciatic nerve pain occurs when the hyper sensitive neuron or the nerve cells gets irritated and inflated. These nerve roots extend from the spine. The nerve gets irritated easily when any inner portion of the disc extrude protein contents, comes too close to the nerve. This causes the sciatic pain in human body.

Indicating sign of the disease
The symptoms of this kind of pain are varied. The pain occurs in a single leg at a time. It usually starts from low back or buttock and moves down the back of the thigh. It may extend till the lower leg or the foot. The severity of pain varies from person to person. The pain a patient experiences in these kinds of cases is acute. A sharp burning sensation is felt when the sciatic nerves gets inflated. The searing sensation worsens while the patient is still, like standing or sitting at a place. However, the person feels a little relief when he is in motion or lying down. This leg pain is usually featured by the above symptoms. But, they may vary in different cases.

The additional symptoms include blood pressure, numbness, prickling sensation that is felt descending through the back of the leg. Legs or foot weakness are another warning sign of this disease. In severe cases the symptoms indicate a serious injury in sciatic nerve. When a person is unable to control the bladder or bowel, it indicates that the condition is serious. Continued weakness or loss of sensation in legs is also seen in these cases.

Treatment required
A good number of cases of sciatica pain can be cured in a nonsurgical way. Simple irritation caused in the nerve cells also gets better with time. Special exercises are recommended by doctors. More information on the right sciatica exercises are available here:

In case of numbness in the legs, the nerve cell may be totally damaged. It is important to seek the advice of a doctor at the earliest. If the nerve cells get compressed, the pain becomes critical and may lead to surgery.

Uses of the term sciatic nerve pain
Sciatic pain refers to the ache felt in the leg when the nerve cells are pinched. However, this term is wrongly used in many cases. Any form of pain that radiates through the leg is termed as sciatica. If the pain originates from a joint and moves through the leg, then naming it sciatica pain will be incorrect.

Sometimes referred pain of arthritis may lead to a same type of sensation. It is a more common phenomenon than sciatica. Correct diagnosis is required in these sensitive cases, as wrong medication may lead to further complications.

The term sciatica signifies a symptom not the diagnosis. To get to the root of the cause, a doctor has to diagnose the reason behind the compression of the nerve cells. The pain radiated in fraction of a second and causes immense hurting sensation in a leg. It is a sharp pain neither a throbbing nor dull ache. Both the legs are not affected at a time.

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