Science Shows Microdermabrasion Is Safe and Effective as Riiviva Offers Micro Derm Product for Home Use


Salt Lake City, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/28/2012 -- Microdermabrasion is often used by medical professionals as a treatment to improve the appearance of skin with acne scarring, sun exposure, aging, and Keratosis Pilaris. A study recently revealed that microdermabrasion using coarse particulates activated a ‘wound-response’ in the skin that encouraged it to heal and replenish itself through the release of procollagens and other chemicals used in the maintenance of healthy skin, without any significant side-effects or dangers. This news is timely for Riiviva, who are releasing a new microdermabrasion product for the home market.

The study, “Molecular Analysis of Aggressive Microdermabrasion in Photoaged Skin” was conducted by scientists at the University of Michigan by Karimipour et al and published to demonstrate the health benefits of the treatment.

The study showed that microdermabrasion caused “significant remodelling of the dermal component of the skin highlighted by induction of type I and type III procollagen and by induction of collagen production enhancers heat shock protein 47 and prolyl 4-hydroxylase” and, “a wound healing response characterized by rapid increase in induction of cytokeratin 16 and activation of the AP-1 transcription factor in the epidermis”, or in laymen’s terms, significantly more active skin healing and health.

Microdermabrasion can be used for a host of skin care issues, including reducing the appearance of stretch marks, clearing the chest, the face and acne scars. The treatment can be particularly effective in treating Keratosis Pilaris- a rough, dimpled dry-skin condition colloquially referred to as “chicken skin”.

Where previously microdermabrasion had to be practiced by a skincare professional at a beauty salon, the new product from Riiviva allows individuals access to an effective, easy-to-use alternative in the home. Riiviva Microderm comes with three diamond particulate tips of varying coarsness.

A spokesperson explained the science, “The study has shown that microdermabrasion is going a significant step further than traditional exfoliation, which aims to cleanse the pores, by more aggressively removing dead skin while leaving healthy skin intact. This process has been shown to activate a chemical response in the skin similar to the reaction the body has when healing. It stimulates the release of beneficial compounds that increase the health and integrity of the skin, making it look and feel better. It will be interesting to see how the adoption of this technique picks up when it becomes commercially available.”

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