Lane Heymont

Science Fiction Novel Mixes Post-Civil War, Nazis, Voodoo and Ancient Egypt


Boston, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/30/2013 -- Author Lane Heymont's first novel, a science fiction story of mysticism, time travel and alternate history, "The Freedman and The Pharaoh's Staff", continues to receive wide praise three months after its release. So far the novel has received numerous positive reviews, including in the San Francisco Book Review, and it's been featured on the Writer's Digest website. Lane Heymont has been interviewed on numerous radio programs, including Suspense Radio's Inside Edition.

The science fiction novel tells the story of two black men, Jeb and Cripsus in post-civil war Louisiana who find a relic from ancient Egypt which contains tremendous power. They keep the relic, The Pharaoh's Staff, away from the Klu Klux Klan, but the Klan isn't the only organization looking for it. In one of the finest traditions of the alternate history sub-genre of science fiction, Nazis enter into the story, with an agent from from 1940s Nazi Germany sent back in time to recover the staff. The story also embraces elements of voodoo, Reconstruction era occupation and politics, vivid and somewhat disturbing depictions of Klan lynchings and brutality all to mix into a novel that transcends any one single genre or theme, touching on not only science fiction, but political thriller and sociology as well.

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About Lane Heymont
Born in Pensylvania, Lane Heymont grew up in household where literature was held in high esteem. His grandfather would pay him $5 for each book of great literature he would read. This introduced Lane to the Iliad and the Odyssey, Dickens and Ivanhoe, though the latter he says he, "hated with passion," even though a lover of fantasy and medieval adventure.

He holds a BA in Liberal Arts with a focus on literature and history, with a double minor in psychology and business. Lane has focused on writing since college, publishing several short stories along with his science fiction novel, "The Freedman and the Pharaoh's Staff", published by Sunbury Press. It is currently available at all major retailers.

Lane Heymont
Boston, MA