Scientists and Cosmologists Discuss Whether We Actually Can Influence Reality Psychically

Noted scientists, cosmologists and psychologists join indigenous medical and shamanic practitioners to discuss if subtle realms of reality not only exist but whether we can utilize them to influence day to day realities. The power of prayer, meditation or focused attention, along with the today's widening interest in "energy healing" are examined. Current research at many prominent academic institutions now investigates these phenomena.


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/07/2016 -- On VoiceAmerica's "The Convergence" Series (bringing together scientists, spiritualists, and psychologists-- among many others), December 8's Episode considers the tricky and controversial question of whether humans actually can influence reality psychically. Because of new data sets, and theories in science—especially psychology and quantum physics-- this perennially controversial subject commands incredible interest now worldwide. Does prayer work? Does focused meditation and intention actually influence reality?

Globally today, people from all cultures are becoming more convinced that subtle realms of reality not only exist but may affect our lives in ways far more profound than we realize. This perspective is fueled by a growing awareness of ancient and indigenous wisdom and modern science's understanding of our profoundly interconnected quantum reality. Science and ancient wisdom meet in many current investigation of these subtler realms of reality at many prominent academic institutions.

The episode (https://www.voiceamerica.com/episode/96007/subtle-activism-shamanism-and-indigenous-wisdom) features leading voices from science and ancient and indigenous traditions. Dr. David Nicol, author of the book Subtle Activism (State University of New York Press), moderates. Based on his landmark book, Dr. Nicol (California Institute of Integral Studies and a founder of Gaiafield.net and Subtleactivism.net) examines Subtle Activism and its implications in relationship to indigenous and ancient wisdom. Leading voices from indigenous wisdom and "native medicine" -- Oscar Miro-Quesada and Luisah Teish—join the conversation, along with renowned western contemplative David Spangler, one of the founders of Scotland's renowned Findhorn community.

If this question of the efficacy of prayer, intention, and "healing" through the realms of feeling and subtle reality interests you, you will not want to miss this program.