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Scientists Believe That Goji Berry Can Stop Growth of Cancerous Cell and Other Chronic Diseases


Kirkland, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/22/2014 -- Recent studies have proved that Goji Berries can reduce the risk of cancer disease in patients. According to a published journal in china, around 79 people reported that their cancer treatment responded positively when goji berry was added to their daily diet. Scientists consider that the high contain of antioxidants in the fruit can prevent and reduce growth of cancerous cell, lessen blood glucose, and control the cholesterol level. This finding is a breakthrough in the medical department as many lives can be saved from the dangerous sickness.

To spread awareness about the health benefits of Goji berries and reach out to more people, provides updated information and findings on its website. Here, readers can get to know all about the amazing healing fruit which is believed to prevent many chronic illnesses. It is also known for rejuvenating the human body and keeping it healthier. Native of China, goji berry has been harvested for many years as it is believed to help people live longer with strong health. The fruit can be taken raw, cooked, drank as juice, wine, teas, etc. It is mostly found in the Himalayas and other subtropical regions in the East.

Goji berry contains a special mineral called germanium, which helps in fighting cancer, allergies, fever, diabetes, and improve eyesight. The fruit is also rich in Thiamin, which reduces depression and increases the energy level. Its antioxidants help in detoxifying human body and acts as an anti-aging agent. Other clinically proven health benefits of the fruit are, it improves blood circulation, boost immune system, helps in living longer, increase fertility and sexual drive, protect damaged kidney and liver, and even increase athletic performance.

Doctors recommend that goji berries should be taken in moderation so that there are no side effects. However, consulting with an expert is highly recommended for effective use. For more information please go to

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