SCIVORY Introduces Call Centers One-of-a Kind Software Solution Recognizing Individuals by Their Voices

SCIVORY offers a software solution that can recognize individuals just by the sound of their voices.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/24/2015 -- A new software solution introduced by SCIVORY recognizes people by the sound of their voices thanks to a revolutionary mathematical model developed after 20 years of detailed research.

The SCIVORY software is capable to transcribe the human speech in physiological and physically parameters, allowing it to precisely describe it. It is now possible for consumers to easily access the information of their personal accounts via this authentication procedure while offering more security against unauthorized access to any sensitive information. The company believes that the voice will become a remote signature and seal in the near future.

The customer service team can use the automatic recognition process of this software to provide personalized customer services while reducing the call duration and operational expenses. In addition, their clients will not have to remember complicated security answers or account numbers.

Compared to other similar technologies, SCIVORY's software performs better with a higher authentication rate. The surrounding noise doesn't disturb the authentication process so that the consumers can be recognized from any place. People can use the biometrics systems of this technology via mobile devices.

"The remote authentication is conveniently efficient solution that can be used in call centers of insurance, banking and telecom companies", said Alexander Tsyplikhin, founder of SCIVORY. "With its help, these service providers will be able to identify quickly their clients' personal accounts and offer them the required services. The software eliminates the need for the company to disclose any personal information to unauthorized people."

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SCIVORY offers a software solution that can recognize individuals just by the sound of their voices.