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Sclera XL Unveils Expansive New Collection


Amsterdam, Netherlands -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/06/2015 -- Sclera XL has launched its comprehensive collection of contacts, which includes the popular Black Sclera Contacts that can be bought at competitive rates.

Sclera XL is a company that has specialized in fashion Sclera contacts that have many takers all over the world. While there are several merchants in the market that might not be able to give users all the information they need, this company has gained expertise on these contacts. That's why users can be rest assured that not only are they getting high quality products but adequate support from the company as well.

Black Sclera Contacts are a popular offering from the company and they are perfect for those who want to create a demonic, alien or possessed look for that matter. Many professionals working in movies, theatre or photoshoots try and attain this look, which is distinctly possible with the help of these contacts. They are not only high on fashion quotient but durability as well. They last for up to a year, which makes them perfect for professionals.

One of the highlights of Black Sclera Contacts is that they cover almost entire white of the eye. No other type of lens comes even close to offering this kind of effect to users. These contacts have been used in several well known horror movies and shows including True Blood, Supernatural, Grimm and more. Now they are available to users who can buy them for Halloween and complete their look to perfection.

All the lenses in the collection from Sclera XL have zero power and hence can be used without prescription. The good news is that since the centre of the lens is clear, users can see without any difficulty. One of the advantages of buying lenses from the store is that it offers them at reasonable rates. Prices begin from $79 for a pair of sclera lenses, which arrive at users' doorsteps with free lens case.

Sclera XL offers free worldwide shipping with online tracking for its FDA approved and CE certified lenses, which puts users' minds at rest about the delivery of their sleek and high fashion purchases.

About Sclera XL
A subsidiary of CWB Webmedia, a registered company in the Netherlands, it focuses on fashion Sclera contacts and offers a large selection of options for users to choose from.

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