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Scorsese Unleashes the Wolf of Wall Street


Chrischurch, New Zealand -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/06/2013 -- Wall Street, the epicenter of the global financial world, is regarded as the true symbol of money making and trading. It is a place where people make and lose absurd amounts of money almost every second. This is a jungle of big businesses and the home to the best of the best predators of the financial world. This fall Martin Scorsese, one of the most prominent and the most critically acclaimed directors of today unleashes one of such wall street predators in his latest movie, The Wolf of Wall Street.

The unbeatable duo, the Academy award winning director Martin Scorsese and the Academy award nominee Leonardo DiCaprio collaborate once again in this upcoming black comedy about a place where more is just not enough, where hurling dwarfs instead of darts is OK and a place where 26 year olds make 49 million dollars. The Wolf of Wall Street would be Scorsese’s and DiCaprio’s fifth collaboration, thus it is obvious judging by the success of their previous ventures together that this is a director - actor match made in heaven. The Wolf of Wall Street is the combination of Scorsese’s unique sense of directing and storytelling that gave birth to many cult classics and Leonardo DiCaprio’s exceptional acting capabilities which will probably result in the most captivating and entertaining black comedy of recent years.

Leonardo DiCaprio will be seen enjoying the high life in this movie as he enjoys a glass of red wine on a yacht, throws away money and brings a monkey to his office just because he can. DiCaprio will be playing the lead role as Wall Street broker Jordan Belfort. Who scams investors to make millions of dollars because after all for him it is all about getting more. The movie is based on the real life memoirs of the stockbroker Belfort, who ended up in prison for 22 months for his crimes. The book is being retold in true Martin Scorsese’s award winning style.

Movie buffs and critics alike are looking forward to this latest Scorsese film and are categorizing it as one of the most anticipated movie of the year 2013. The star studded cast  of The Wolf of Wall Street features great Hollywood names such as Mathew McConaughey, Academy award nominee Jonah Hill, Margot Robbie alongside Leonardo DiCaprio.

Be a part of Scorsese’s Wall Street Jungle where the alpha wolf is out to hunt for what it wants, as much as it wants and establish its territory. Visit the The Wolf of Wall Street website to watch the latest movie trailer and get a glimpse of what is in store this fall so they don't miss out on the most anticipated comedy of this year.

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