Scot Nei and RoboGolfPro Announce They Are Sponsoring the Open Pro-Am

Golf instructor, burn survivor developed revolutionary golf teaching aid


Napa, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/12/2015 -- Scot Nei, CEO and Director of Instruction for RoboGolfPro, will be at the 2015 Open Fry's and Friend Pro-Am on Oct. 12. Nei and RoboGolfPro are the Presenting Sponsor for the Pro-Am.

Six years ago it wasn't clear if Nei would even play golf again, however. In July 2009, an oil fire on a stovetop left Nei covered in burns on his arms, face, and chest. Numbed by shock and the loss of nerve endings, Nei didn't realize how bad the situation was until he arrived at the Orlando Regional Burn Center.

"When I arrived at the hospital I knew I was in big trouble when about 30 doctors, nurses, and other medical staff began working on me," Nei said.

He required multiple skin grafts and spent a month in a hospital bed, recovering from the trauma of the burns and subsequent surgeries. Even being prepared for release was excruciating, as it required the removal of hundreds of metal staples that had been used to secure the skin grafts.

And after his release, his right arm remained frozen at a 90-degree angle for nearly eight months. Nei continued to train and take part in physical therapy and was eventually able to return to his career as a professional golfer and instructor.

Nei, who entered the PGA Apprentice Program in 1989, achieved great success as a tour player. He is also world-renowned as an instructor who works with golfers of every skill level, helping them improve their game and lower their score. He's the CEO and President of Tourbound Inc., as well as the CEO and Director of Instruction for RoboGolfPro.

The RoboGolfPro is a robot that a golf instructor uses to correct a player's swing. First the instructor uses motion capture software to analyze any weak points or problems with the swing. Then, after custom programming, the machine guides the player's arms through the ideal, ergonomically correct swing motion. That process allows golfers to feel precisely what they should be doing when they swing, pitch, chip or putt and being guided through the process builds new muscle memory, meaning faster improvement.

Nei and the RoboGolfPro will be near the first tee at the Open. More information about Nei and the RoboGolfPro is available at

About Scot Nei
Scot W.R. Nei entered the PGA Apprentice Program in 1989 and is acknowledged by pros and amateurs alike as one of the top teachers in the world.

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