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Scott Clark Introduces FMCPT: A Solution to HealthCare Power Problems


Marble Falls, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/23/2018 -- Scott-Clark Medical, a Texas-based leader in the mobile medical carts industry, has recently released their patented FMCPT, or Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology System which empowers medical professionals of all types with the energy solutions they need right when they need it.

The ultimate medical solution

Nurses have problems with their mobile carts power supply, as older models typically have fast draining batteries which take a long time to recharge. Scott-Clark found that nurses cannot do their job effectively unless the battery is a stable energy source. Nurses report feeling burdened by continually recharging devices, which distracts them from their patient, potentially reducing their quality care.

Eliminating power issues

Power issues have been an issue in the medical cart manufacturing services field for decades, which is why Scott-Clark worked hard to create a workable solution that meets every need. With FMCPT, medical professionals can swap the battery out as needed or charge it directly on the cart. An FMCPT can power anything that requires a battery, so it's perfect for hospitals and medical centers of every size.

Superior battery quality

Medical professionals can choose between either one or two lithium phosphate batteries to keep their mobile carts powered at all times. Unlike other batteries, lithium phosphate batteries are designed to charge quickly. With the FMCPT solution, professionals can get a fully-charged battery in under two and a half hours, which saves a lot of time.

Once an FMCPT battery is fully charged, it can be used for 6 – 8 hours. With two batteries, a health professional will increase their potential run time of up to 12 – 16 hours. This a significant increase over traditional options and will free up every medical professional to focus more on providing quality patient care and less on their medication carts for hospitals.

Backed with a solid guarantee

Scott-Clark Medical ensures all FMCPTs are designed to last. If you discover any problem or any fault with your battery in the first five years of its life, the company will replace the entire battery free of charge.

International distribution

Scott-Clark FMCPT solutions have proven so popular; they are available for statewide as well as international distribution. Medical cart manufacturers praise the Scott-Clark innovation for being responsive to nursing and medical staffs' most common complaints. Rather than just being another piece of equipment, it solves a common problem experienced in nearly every hospital environment.

Formed from a deep understanding

This deep understanding doesn't just extend to solving common hospital problems. Scott-Clark has worked to create an option that saves hospitals money too, as the company understands that price can sometimes be a barrier towards equipment upgrades. FMCPT technology isn't just available for new carts; it can be retrofitted into your current mobile cart stock or medication carts.

Scott-Clark provides a seamless on-site service to fix any existing carts you have, but can't afford to replace in its entirety. With this level of compassionate forward-thinking, it's no wonder Scott-Clark is sought after in the hospital technology industry today.

About Scott-Clark
Scott-Clark is a leader in mobile medical carts, designing equipment in response to what medical professionals require to perform their role safely and effectively. The business creates a wide range of carts, such as custom carts, medication carts, point of care carts, and peripheral options.

The company creates innovative power systems, including the FMCPT, hot swap batteries, workstation power systems, as well as quality retrofits and refurbishments of existing carts systems.

The FMCPT is made in America.

Scott-Clark sets the standard for superior care with their intuitively designed equipment.