Scott Nelson and Team Seeks Funding via Indiegogo to Create JukeVision

JukeVision is an unorthodox jukebox that will revolutionize the way music is played in public places. Scott Nelson is looking to raise $28,000 for this campaign.


Redondo Beach, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/14/2014 -- Over the years, behavior towards listening to music has changed significantly. In public places like bars and other hospitality environments, it is observed that both the owners and customers now prefer not to pay for music. As a result, bars are often found to play their personal music library or use an iPod to stream music in their venue. JukeVision is an out of the box concept that can have a serious impact on the way people experience their favorite music in public places.

Any location owner using JukeVision will enjoy the following benefits
- No monthly service fees
- Engage guests with popular music videos on TVs
- JukeVision app will allow guests to request music for free
- An enormous selection of music videos
- Display the venue's Instagram and Twitter mentions and hashtags from guests

Guests in a JukeVision equipped venue will be able to
- Request music from their phones
- Watch the music videos on the TVs
- Vote on queued songs to be played sooner
- Attach custom messages with requests that will be displayed on the TVs
- Save in-app coupons and redeem them later
- Receive push notifications relating to limited period offers and deals

Whenever a JukeVision user checks in, the jukebox will know their favorite songs and artists, and tailor the music to be played according to their preference. JukeVision will be a promotional tool for artists to show their music and events in the area in the Artist Spotlight section of the app. Guests in a venue can experience local artists music videos and also purchase the artist’s merchandise easily.

Scott Nelson is an experienced software developer, his initial plan for this project is to roll out at least 25 JukeVision jukeboxes to different bars, pubs, cafes, lounges and several other venues throughout the greater Los Angeles area. Funds raised through Indiegogo will be used to purchase the hardware required for each JukeVision jukebox installation. In addition, funds will help move into a dedicated office space, and support overall operations.

Scott Nelson’s Indiegogo campaign will end on December 23, 2014.

More information about the campaign is available at

The official website of JukeVision is

About Scott Nelson
Scott Nelson’s experience in music and music software dates back to his teens. Having always had a passion for music and technology, he has the distinction of being one of the pioneers in writing a DJ application for playing and mixing MP3s on a computer. With years of software development experience in the music and hospitality business, as well as award-winning technology under his belt, his current venture is JukeVision, an unorthodox jukebox that will revolutionize the way music is played in public places.