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Scott Tucker's New Game Adored by Home and Recreation

Home And Recreation reviews and recommends table top adventure game Bible Times Family Fun by Scott Tucker.


Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/11/2013 -- A recent post by family themed website Home And Recreation introduces a new game by Scott Tucker entitled "Bible Times Family Fun". The game is introduced as an alternative to more traditional board games like Candyland and Monopoly.

"We want to encourage families to spend more time together and we think that playing games is a great way for families to bond," said Shelley Clarke, an editor for Home and Recreation.

According to Clarke, editors for Home and Recreation were attracted to Scott Tucker's new game because it break's out of the mold of what most people expect from tabletop games, while helping to teach traditional biblical values. The recent article describes Bible Times Family Fun as a role-playing adventure game with more structure than fantasy based role-playing games.

"There are a few problems with popular role-playing games that definitely keep them off the pages of Home And Recreation," said Shelley Clarke. "First, those games are very difficult for younger members of the family to understand and enjoy. Second, because those games have little structure, you can't guarantee that playing will help to reinforce any valuable lessons that parent's might have in mind."

The editors of Home And Recreation say that Scott Tucker avoided the problems associated with fantasy games by incorporating structural elements such as Bible trivia that keep role-playing on track and guide the adventure along so younger players can keep up without becoming confused.

Home And Recreation published the recent story with the hope that they could create interest in the upcoming free version of the Bible Times Family Fun to be released online. The free version will include all of the necessary materials for the game for download, allowing players to print them out and play for free with their friends and family.

The online materials for Scott Tucker's game will be available through a link to be published in an upcoming Home and Recreation article.

"We were happy to receive an early version of the game and get to test it out," stated Clarke, "It's a win-win-win scenario for us because Tucker gets some promotion for his work, our readers get to learn about a fun game, and we get readers coming back to the site to find out when and where they can get their free version of the game."

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