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Scott Tucker Brings Improv Comedy to the Streets of Detroit

Home and Recreation praises Scott Tucker for bringing his community together through comedy.


Deleware, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/08/2014 -- New improv comedy classes by Scott Tucker were announced recently by lifestyle website Home and Recreation. The classes create opportunities for young adults interested in acting or stage work, and those who dream of using their creativity to create something positive for their community. According to Home and Recreation, Tucker's goal is to give back to a community that has been good to him and his family.

"His work as a high school teacher has shown him how easily kids can slip through the cracks on the street of Detroit," said Home and Recreation contributor Stanley Schwartz, "and he is determined to make a difference through the comedy improv classes."

At age 60, retired high school math teacher Scott Tucker finally decided to pursue a long time dream to become a teacher of comedy. Tucker draws upon the skills he developed as an instructor, as well as his years of experience in open mic nights at different comedy bars across town.

"Tucker's comedy is strange mixture of slapstick and surreal," said Stanley Schwartz of Home And Recreation. Schwartz commented further on Tucker's comedy style, "To be honest, not everyone at Home And Recreation completely gets Scott Tucker's comedy, but we all respect the positive impact these classes will have on the community, and that's why we're proud to feature him on the site."

The new improv classes will train future comedians and bring together those interested in organizing an improve troupe. Part of the lessons includes handling reaction time, slapstick, and coming up with great retorts. From his days at the high school where he taught, many of the kids have now grown up and remember him well. His classes accept anyone from 19 to 65 and his current list of comedy students includes his old school students and co-workers.

Currently, the improv classes are without a name, but will be named soon by the creative individuals supporting the endeavor.

According to Stanley Schwartz, an editor of Home and Recreation, “Scott Tucker is working with members of the classes to come up with a name that would represent the collective efforts of everyone while remaining true to its objective of giving back to the community.”

Fees for the improv classes are being offered on a sliding scale to insure that no one is left out and as many people as possible will have a chance to participate.

About Scott Tucker
Born and raised in Dearborn, MI, Tucker’s parents came to the United States as immigrants from Albania and Greece. They were musicians in Europe and continued to work in the music industry in Detroit. Tucker has 6 brothers and sisters and grew up in a home full of art, music, and laughter.

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