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Scott Tucker and Never Be Bored Announce New Beginner Mechanics Course

Never Be Bored, the site that keeps you not only busy, but productive, talks with mechanic Scott Tucker. His new classes will be open to the public later this summer.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/29/2014 -- In a recent article, lifestyle website and online magazine Never Be Bored announced a beginner mechanics course that will be offered by auto mechanic Scott Tucker. Editors of Never Be Bored say that the new article not only serves the site's main purpose of giving readers new ways to be entertained, but also helps keep the website relevant by introducing readers to ways to spend there time more usefully.

“We couldn’t think of a better feature article this month than Scott Tucker and his new classes,” remarks Tonya Williams of Never Be Bored. “This is the epitome of what Never Be Bored is about: Keeping busy while also learning new skills. Our readers would be in greater numbers if we could feature an article like this one every month.”

“I had never heard of Never Be Bored before, but a friend from work told me about them when I was first toying around with the idea of offering classes. He told me to contact them and it could be free publicity for locals as well as helping out others by giving them ideas for their own community projects. Let’s just say I’m glad I took his advice,” Scott Tucker said.

Tucker will be personally heading all classes with other workers there to help guide and direct. They hope to get some practical skills out into the community and with Never Be Bored’s help, beyond.

“It’s looking to be more of a permanent thing as interest is high so far, so I definitely see working with Ms Williams and Never Be Bored again. It will be a great help for us to do another sit down in a year and be able to look where we have gone with the original article,” Scott Tucker remarked.

Tonya and Tucker both think working together in the future is a very probable scenario.

“Our readers are very interested in follow up articles, as are we,” said Williams. “We like to stay connected and see how things turn out down the road, good or bad. It’s kind of like reading a good book; we want to know the ending regardless if it’s how we thought it would turn out.”

Editors of Never Be Bored stated that they hope for this recent article to attract attention from other community members with similar opportunities. According to Tonya Williams, the site may introduce an entire section of community learning opportunities, organized geographically, if they are able to source enough content.

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