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Scott Tucker and Simply Awesome Cars Announce New Mobile Car Game

Mobile app developer Scott Tucker is collaborating with Simply Awesome Cars, a website featuring the best cars in the world, to develop an interactive car game for car lovers.


Martinsville, IN -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/11/2014 -- Scott Tucker is designing an intuitive new mobile car game in collaboration with Simply Awesome Cars. The game, named “Green Racer,” will award credits and upgrades to drivers for keeping their cars tuned up and cutting their carbon signatures.

“It’s an app and game packaged together into one,” said Tucker. “It will help car owners keep driving their cars at peak efficiency, by pitting them against their friends and other players in a fascinating racing game.”

Green Racer will feature a detailed dashboard through which users will be able to track their car maintenance activities, such as an oil change, brake service, wash, etc. Each time a user carries out a maintenance activity, the app will award points and upgrades to that player’s car in the game.

Bonus points will be awarded for carbon emission inspections in accordance with EPA regulations. The more upgrades your car has in the game, the better your chances of winning your races.

“The basic purpose of the app is to help people maintain their cars,” says Brandon Voyte of Simply Awesome Cars. “The game just makes the activity more interesting by introducing the element of competition in a slick racing setup. Users are going to really enjoy racing their friends in the app, and the benefits of a well-maintained vehicle in real life, too.”

Green Racer is expected to be available for download on the app stores in August.

By Irvin Reid

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