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Compilation Album Released by Scott Tucker Artists

Recording artist manager Scott Tucker recently release a compilation album featuring songs from current artists he represents. Music Lovers Blog to interview tucker and spotlight the new compilation release


Cleveland, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/08/2015 -- Music Lovers Blog, a website for all types of music appreciation, will feature the new compilation album from recording artist manager Scott Tucker. The compilation is styled as a mix CD containing a variety of genre's and recording methods from nine different artists actively managed by Tucker.

"This is such a great representation of the diversity Scott Tucker works with in the music industry," says Music Lovers Blog contributor Daniel Sanders. "There is a little bit of soul, a little bit of pop, and a little bit of rap. It all comes together though, like a great summer mix that your best friend made for you of indie artists you haven't heard before but instantly fall in love with."

The album, which contains 12 tracks, is paired with a descriptive booklet detailing each featured artist and their song lyrics. Free online downloads are available with the full price purchase of each CD or vinyl record through the Scott Tucker artist development website.

"When I took a look at my artist roster for the summer I just laughed at how beautiful the diversity was," says Tucker. "Normally I end up managing one group and then all their friends bands sort of fall in, but this summer it is very different. I have so many wonderful different groups in my hands, and they were all so willing to come together for this album."

Artists contributed newly recorded songs for the compilation which contains never before heard material from each of the nine artists. Three of the album tracks feature group-anthem type songs combining the voices and instruments of multiple groups.

Music Lovers Blog will spotlight the new compilation album next week in the latest article from the "Favorite Comps" series.

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