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Fun Games Blog Announces New Scott Tucker Game

Game designer Scott Tucker will release a summer-style Snow Cone themed board game for at-home family use. Fun Games Blog will review the new game, show photos of game play, and post an interview with Scott Tucker.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/08/2015 -- Fun Games Blog, a website for spotlighting all kinds of new and old fun games, will review the game "Snow Cone," created by Scott Tucker. Snow Cone is an independently made board game that pits one player against opponents in a battle for snow cone world domination. The game will enter large scale production this summer after great fundraising success and will be available for purchase this fall.

"The game is for little kids and big kids alike," says Fun Games Blog contributor Alex Glen. "Adorable art, simple yet compelling game dynamics, and a well-made product make Snow Cone a great choice for your next family game night. Scott Tucker has done a great job."

The game, which was initially funded through a successful online fundraising campaign, is an eight player board game with different snow cones that each have special powers. Players compete to hang on to their snow cones, while making other players lose theirs via power cards. Up to eight players can play the game, depending on the amount of pieces in use.

"I was ecstatic when I heard Fun Games Blog wanted to feature the game," says Tucker. "It's great when a little indie board game can get some attention. These days, people seem to be so focused on online gaming. You lose a lot of human interaction that way, people have forgotten that board games are a fantastic way to spend time with others."

Fun Games Blog will additionally feature the online fundraising campaign used to turn Tucker's game "Snow Cone," from a dream into reality. The fundraising success showed the public's interest and demand for more independently designed board games.

"People want these kinds of games," says Glen. "It's whimsical and fun along with being high quality and well-thought out. It's obvious that Tucker put his heart into it. The artwork is stunning – it really raises the bar for a board game."

Fun Games Blog will publish an interview with Tucker and a formal review of the first version of "Snow Cone" next month.

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