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Scott Tucker Announces Clean Water Initiative

Environmental activist Scott Tucker announces a proposed clean water summer initiative. Home and Recreation will feature the initiative, share recent water cleanliness stats, and interview Tucker.


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/08/2015 -- Home And Recreation, the website for wholesome activities and interesting household trends, will spotlight Scott Tucker's new "Clean Water Initiative." The initiative, which is proposed to take place this summer, will involve the residents of Olympia, WA.

"Tucker's announcement of a proposed city-wide clean water initiative is a great summer project," says Home and Recreation editor Jackie Hamilton. "The proposed public health ordinance effects metropolitan areas throughout the central region of Olympia. Tucker created the initiative to help residents adhere to clean water guidelines set by the federal government."

The "Clean Water Initiative" proposes that residents help monitor open sewers and rain runoff which pollutes the groundwater by contributing to the creation of bacteria in the water table. Sewers and runoff are a problem in during the warmer and drier weather of summer months. Tucker believes that the proposed initiative will prevent Olympia residents from dumping down the drain and will reduce bacteria levels around metropolitan areas.

"This is just another ground level grassroots project to help the environment," says Tucker. "There are not enough state and city staff who are responsible for monitoring unauthorized waste disposal and enforcing measures related to public safety and environmental concerns. I think the public can help monitor and control these situations on a volunteer basis, and that could really make a difference."

Tucker recommends that participants add their name to the registry of volunteer clean water monitors on his website but registration is not required to participate in the clean water project. Home and Recreation will feature Tucker's proposed initiative next month.

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