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Scott Tucker Offers New Metal Works Program

Mechanic and metal worker Scott Tucker recently announced his new metal works course for high school students. Simply Awesome Cars gives a preview of the class content and hosts registration.


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/13/2015 -- The most recent article from Simply Awesome Cars features Scott Tucker and his new "Metal Works" program. The class will teach students how to make basic repairs around the home and automobile. Welding and machine shop protocol will be covered in depth. Registration is currently open with the program starting the beginning of next month.

"Programs that not only help kids, but teach practical skills are rare these days," says Hans Richmond of Simply Awesome Cars. "This class teaches real world skills and with the hands on approach Tucker is known for, the kids should walk away with a lot of new knowledge. It also gets them through the door with the local machine shop and the long time mechanics that work there."

The course will be held at Grayson's Garage starting on the first Saturday of the month and continuing for nine consecutive weeks. Most of the class will be hands on training with several book recommendations to be received upon registration.

"I notice a lot of kids in the area always working on their cars," says Tucker. "Making small adjustments or adding some flash. I am completely behind them getting in there and doing it themselves, but far too often things get overlooked and done incorrectly or incompletely, and that I can't abide."

About Scott Tucker
Scott Tucker is a small business owner and mechanic based out of Detroit, MI. He has worked in the field for most of his life, with experience teaching from elementary through high school levels as well.

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