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Scott Tucker Announces New Natural Vitamin Line

Professional nutritionist Scott Tucker has recently announced the creation of his new vitamin line. Fitness Life Stories offers free vitamin giveaways and reviews the trial product.


Louisville, KY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/13/2015 -- In their latest article Fitness Life Stories covers nutritionist Scott Tucker. Tucker has just announced the release date for his new vitamin line called, "Simple Life."

"We do our best every day to take care of our bodies and try to keep things simple," says Jillian Tory, writer at Fitness Life Stories. "Tucker's new product really resonated with us. His track record and reputation in the field are also formidable so it was a win win for us. When we brought up the free giveaway he was completely behind it and actually talked us into giving away more than we had originally planned."

Registration for the giveaway is free and can be made on Fitness Life Stories. Only registered members of the site will be eligible with only one entry per person. Several runners up will also receive large online purchase discounts for use exclusively on any of Tucker's products. Contestants are recommended to make sure all of their contact information is current and accurate before entering the sweepstakes.

"This is really the perfect way to launch this product," says Tucker. "Jillian and her team over at Fitness Life Stories are really on the forefront of the current state of the exercise world, and that is exactly who these vitamins are for. That is not to say they won't benefit most people with doctor approval, but there are extras in there designed specifically for the professional or amateur athlete."

The trial line covered and reviewed by Fitness Life Stories will feature all natural sources for all minerals and vitamins. There will also be a giveaway contest through Tucker's website with the winner announced at the end of the month.

About Scott Tucker
Scott Tucker is a licensed nutritionist and personal trainer based out of Chicago, IL. He currently holds conferences and seminars for leaders and professionals in the fitness field.

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