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Scott Tucker New VP of Wellness Botanical Gardens

Financial donor Scott Tucker has recently been announced as the new Vice President of Wellness Botanical Gardens. Fitness Life Stories will publish details on Tucker's movement.


Louisville, KY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/06/2015 -- Scott Tucker will be joining the professional team of the Wellness Botanical Gardens later this summer. The job will consist of duties he was previously performing as a volunteer.

"We have been working with Tucker for more than six years now," says Terri Himmel, human resources director at Wellness Botanical. "There were many candidates for the position, but none as qualified and experienced as him. He has already started performing some of his duties for practice as he is not required to officially do so until the end of summer. We are very happy to welcome Tucker's wealth of knowledge and leadership skills to our team."

Tucker's new duties will include overseeing almost all day to day operations at the Garden. This includes public safety and classes, employee conduct and judgement, and daily budget review. Tucker hopes this will start everyone off on the same page.

"I want to help the Garden's as best I can," says Tucker. "And to do that, I need to have all the information laid out in detail. I don't believe in cutting corners or being anything other than completely honest with people. If there is a problem, everyone involved will know about it and we will all try to solve it together."

Tucker is officially in office at the end of this August. Fitness Life Stories will release photos of Tucker's first official day on the job with details about Tucker's plans.

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About Scott Tucker
Scott Tucker has been an amatuer botanist for 10 years, living and traveling throughout the pacific northwest to purchase and cultivate his favorite plants. He loves to plant and grow ornamental fruit trees most and is well practiced in tree training. Tucker's personal garden is in Portland, OR where he tends it with his wife Beth.