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Game of Castles Created by Scott Tucker

Art gallery owner Scott Tucker will debut his new board game “Game of Castles” on Fun Games Blog. Photos and videos of game testing will be posted in an upcoming feature on the blog.


Indianapolis, IN -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/25/2015 -- Fun Games Blog, the place for people who crave fun and love games, has videos and photographs of the new Scott Tucker "Game of Castles" which will be published on the site in early May. The game is a four person role playing game which comes with a board and several character pieces.

"Game of Castles was something I thought up ages ago, back when I still lived with several roommates," says Tucker. "While the other guys were really into dice games and dungeon games I was thinking about princesses and castles. It's great that I finally completed the game, it's going to be wonderful to see people finally enjoying it besides me."

The game will be available for purchase in Seattle area board game stores, Tucker's art gallery gift shop, and online at Tucker's personal web store. The art gallery which Tucker owns will have the game on the shelves in the upcoming weeks. Tucker plans to produce 100 games himself for limited edition versions, an addition 5,000 games will be produced by a manufacturer in the region.

"He is producing quite a few Game of Castles box sets, that shows he has a lot of confidence in the game," says Fun Games Blog staff manager Olivia Gordon. "There are plenty of people backing this game who have already seen the prototype. We have confidence the reviews we post will accurately reflect the game play from an objective and unbiased viewpoint, because nobody at our company has played any version of the game before."

Gordon has given the game to five staff writers at Fun Games Blog and will post the videos of the employee game play in May.

The upcoming Game of Castles feature on Fun Games Blog will contain information about locations where the game can be purchased.

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