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Scott Tucker Dropping Electro Album

Music producer Scott Tucker has announced he will release an electro album on his music label this fall. Music Lovers Blog will cover the story leading up to the album release.


Orlando, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/28/2015 -- Music Lovers Blog will feature the new Scott Tucker electro album in their up and coming 'Alternative Sounds' article. The album entitled 'Little Love' will feature 16 full length tracks produced by Tucker and is promised to be delivered to the public market by the end of September. Details of guests appearing on the album have not been released yet.

"Electro is my favorite genre of dance music and I have been working on some of these tracks for years," says Tucker. "There have been some guests I brought in to work with me, yes. I don't know if I want to divulge that information before all of the song editing is wrapped up."

'Little Love' is being produced in southern Florida, a location that is also being kept secret by Tucker. Secrecy around the albums' production has been moderate with local DJ's being excluded from the release process until every track has been fully mastered.

"We completely understand Tuckers' desire for discretion with the songs he has been working on for the past 6 months," says Tyler Johnston, staff blogger at Music Lovers Blog. "He will bring in his friends and local DJ's to release the tracks in carefully selected clubs once the tracks are the best they can be. It is pretty standard amongst those who call themselves professional producers, they don't release unfinished stuff ever."

The electro album will differ than Tuckers' previous works in the genre and BPM of the tracks. Music Lovers blog will be updating the release date of 'Little Love' as Tucker adjusts it. Track names and guest artist information will not be unveiled before the last weeks prior to the album drop.

About Scott Tucker
Music producer Scott Tucker has been churning out tracks for 20 years. He started working with artists as a ghost producer in his 20's and spent most of his career without recognition of his works. The southern Florida music scene has been influenced by him in the breaks, electro, and electro house genres for years. With the birth of his daughter in the last year, he has been inspired to work under his own name and put forth his original productions for the first time.

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