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Free Little Library Announced by Scott Tucker

Published author Scott Tucker announced his plans to create a free “Little Library” in his front yard. Home and Recreation to cover the library unveiling and interview Tucker.


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/05/2015 -- Home and Recreation, a website for anybody interested in exercise and home decoration news, will feature the unveiling of Scott Tucker's new library in an upcoming article. The "Little Library" is expected to be unveiled this November in Atlanta, GA.

"This new idea is spreading, people are building these little libraries everywhere it's inspiring," says Home and Recreation contributor Bill Hasting. "And it is really going to make a difference in the neighborhood. Tucker is brilliant for trying this out in his own front yard, where he can make a change in the world that he can be witness to."

The library, which displays books within a clear plexiglass walled cabinet, will be open from 9am to 9pm 365 days a year. It is free to visit and free for anyone to come and take a book right from the library. Readers can leave a book if they choose but are not required to when taking a book.

"Books are rented on an honor system and not required to be returned in any specific amount of time," says Tucker. "This is really what messed me up about traditional libraries, the return time was always an unrealistic goal for me. When I set this library up I want people to know they can take any book and keep it for as long as they need it, and I know some won't come back but that's okay."

Tucker will be featured at the unveiling of his "Little Library" this November on the Home and Recreation blog. More information will be released on the location of the library with directions and contact information after the unveiling.

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About Scott Tucker
Scott Tucker has been writing fictional short stories and novels for the past 16 years. He works on fantasy and sci-fi novels from his home in Atlanta, GA where he lives with his cat and daughter Greta.