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Moose Tracking E-Book to Be Released by Scott Tucker

Tracking expert Scott Tucker will release a new moose tracking e-book guide for use in Canada and the United States. Fitness Life Stories to feature the e-book and give readers a preview of the tracking tips.


Boise, ID -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/12/2015 -- Fitness Life Stories, a website for healthy lifestyle enthusiasts, will feature the upcoming Scott Tucker moose tracking e-book. Readers will be given a preview of the tips provided to track moose in North America. The book will feature decades of tracking advice handed down to Tucker from his father and his father's father.

"The North American forest is a great place to hike and camp, it's basically perfect for getting moderate exercise," says Fitness Life Stories contributor Jordan Hill. "It's exciting to read a moose tracking guide and we want to give our readers a chance to learn about Scott Tucker's new e-book. Going outside and using tracking for exercise is really a good change of pace, it's something a lot of people are searching for."

The e-book, which instructs readers with photos and drawings how to identify moose tracks, will be released online in different formats for download. The e-book can be taken into the forests of North America for application and real time use to track moose year round.

"Moose are very fun animals to track and observe in the North American wild," says Tucker. "I think for fitness, tracking is one of my favorite ways to stay in shape. It takes a lot of stamina to track and safely observe a moose but it is highly rewarding and I hope the people who read this book can benefit physically and mentally from it."

The e-book will be available for download at no cost from the Fitness Life Stories website after it's release this October. Other websites will offer the moose tracking e-book for under $5.

Fitness Life Stories will publish their feature of Scott Tucker and his e-book next month.

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About Scott Tucker
Scott Tucker is a semi professional animal tracker living in Boise, ID with his son Adam and wife Jennifer. He believes in hunting for food and cultural purposes and has been hunting in Canada and North America for 30 years. His father trained him as a tracker from his early years as a teenager living in Boise.