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Scott Tucker Curates American Vintage Car Gallery Show

Vintage car expert Scott Tucker will curate host the upcoming “American Muscle Vintage Style,” a collection of vintage cars from American manufacturers. Simple Awesome Cars will feature the cars online as well as interview Tucker and event attendees.


San Jose, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/13/2015 -- Simply Awesome Cars, a website that shares exciting pics and information on cars from around the world, will feature Scott Tucker's "American Muscle Vintage Style" gallery car show this spring. The San Jose, CA event will cover more than 50 years of United States produced vintage muscle cars in top condition.

"The standard gallery art show in this area does not usually feature vintage cars," says Henry Stockton, Simply Awesome Cars editor. "However the vintage car world is full of avid fans and enthusiasts who greatly appreciate the opportunity to come check out some of their favorite styles in mint restored condition. The event will offer our readers a blast from the past."

The gallery car show will be held within a private over sized warehouse in northern San Jose, CA where Tucker keeps his personal car collection. The primary room will show 50 vintage cars buffed and finished with their owners present beside them to answer attendee questions. Attendees of the event will be able to display their cars by renting an outdoor display parking space at the event's front desk with a first come first serve limit of 15 spots.

"This event will mean a lot to me and my car buff friends and collectors I know in the area," says Tucker. "When we finally accomplish this show it will be an incredible feat, usually all of our fancy and polished vehicles are kept in the garage year round. Only a few collectors take their cars out and show them off like this, but I think we just had to do it so we could really feel pride in ourselves for all our hard work."

The opening night of the "American Muscle Vintage Style" gallery show will feature cars and an outdoor party area with refreshments and live music. Simply Awesome Cars will staff the event with photographers to collect pictures for publication on their website with an interview from Tucker on his thoughts after opening night.

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