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Scott Tucker Announces Beginning of Costa Rica Mission

Spiritual leader Scott Tucker will travel to Costa Rica for an educational and charity mission. Never Be Bored will feature the sendoff event and support Tucker with a fundraising drive this winter.


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/09/2015 -- Never Be Bored, the place where anybody can find exciting things to do or create, will spotlight an upcoming sendoff and fundraiser for spiritual leader and Chicago, IL educator Scott Tucker. The "Help Costa Rica" event, scheduled for early December, will assist Tucker on his mission to travel Costa Rica to help and educate children in poverty.

"It takes more than money to change lives, it takes heart, commitment, and above all, faith," says Never Be Bored editor Kent Newman. "Help Costa Rica is an organization that has recently become something of a pet cause in the Never Be Bored office. We love the work that they do, and it has inspired all of us here to involve our families to help other families."

Tucker and his education staff will be traveling into the Central American country of Costa Rica to help undernourished children and teach parents about nutrition. They will additionally provide dental care at three clinics around the country with a revolving team that gives Costa Ricans access to specialized care such as surgery.

"My mission is and has always been focused on helping children," says Tucker. "One of the main ways I aim to do that is with education, we hope to be operating 8 educational projects throughout Costa Rica. When children participate in the education program, they not only receive a faith-based education, they also receive breakfast and lunch."

Parents of children in "Help Costa Rica" will be able to join the education program with Tucker's 'School for Parents' initiative. Tucker believes that educating parents on healthy relationships and important life skills for families will make happier children and families.

Tucker also offers aid during natural disasters, vocational education to help adults build marketable skills, and spiritual guidance to Costa Rican children who are at risk. The mission will be featured on the Never Be Bored website this winter with links to donation sites and information on Tucker's budget.

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