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Creative and Clever Reports Scott Tucker Finalizes Tattoo Flash Book

Creative and Clever announces new tattoo flash book to be released by Scott Tucker, entitled Bold Lines And Good Times.


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/09/2015 -- American tattoo artist and painter Scott Tucker has announced the upcoming publication of his flash sheet collection to Creative and Clever. The first publication of Tucker's book is scheduled to be printed and available for order in March 2016.

"We know he has been working hard on putting these sheets together for the past year. He has been at it alone, not collaborating with any other artists for his first publication," says Creative and Clever contributor Mike Bolles. "We find this sort of stand-alone bad boy persona that Tucker has rarely delivers quality work, so we are really impressed and thrilled to be breaking the news of Bold Lines And Good Times."

According to project managers of Creative and Clever, the website will feature Tucker's work in a custom designed graphic blog post that matches the design of the flash book closely. The release of Tucker's book and press coverage from Creative and Clever will be monitored by Tucker to keep the integrity of the book's design.

"Our readers are not just interested in the basic artist news, they desire to hear the story behind the news," said Bolles. "It makes sense that Tucker would come to us to break the news about Bold Lines and Good Times, he knows that we can tell the story that his fans will be begging to know."

The flash book will contain more than 100 custom hand drawn flash pieces done by Tucker in his Miami, FL tattoo studio. Tucker prefers to paint with tattoo ink and the flash book will include details on the equipment he prefers to use when painting and tattooing.

"Tucker is really fantastic artist," says Bolles. "And his flash sheets offer a mind melting change of pace from the classic flash sheets of the past century. Our company finds the originality and honesty in Tucker's work to be undeniable and hope we can convey that in our upcoming articles covering the release of Bold Lines and Good Times."

The book will be available this spring with a full feature article to be released announcing the book with the back story on the Creative and Clever website.

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