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Scott Tucker Debuts Handmade Kites

Scott Tucker announced his new line of handmade kites with Fitness Life Stories. The kites will be featured this month with photos and an interview with Tucker.


Orlando, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/19/2015 -- Fitness Life Stories, the website for healthy and active lifestyle stories and tips, will feature the new line of custom handmade kites from Orlando, FL crafter artist Scott Tucker. Tucker debuted the Kites last week on his personal blog and will be featured on the Fitness Life Stories website with photos and reviews this month. Kites will be available for purchase this winter.

"Kite flying is a new trend in the fitness world that has cropped up with fit moms and dads," says Fitness Life Stories writer Bailey Patterson. "And our readers love new ways to incorporate their children into their fitness programs so that they can be more efficient and have more family time. Tucker's new handmade kites will be perfect for the mom or dad or any active person who wants to up their cardio game in a fun new way."

The kites, which feature hand painted wings on lightweight tear resistant fabric, are designed for all-season use in precipitation free weather. They are operated with light weight string that comes with the kite. Tucker will sell extra kite string on his website for replacing if the kite string breaks or becomes tangled.

"Families have enjoyed kite flying for decades upon decades around the world," says Tucker. "My custom kites are taking the standard kite to the next level with custom paint jobs and specialty materials that allow for a more light weight kite. I think this will be a hit for average kite-fliers and advanced kite-fliers alike, even fitness people can get into it after all because it does give a good workout with the right amount of wind."

The kites cost will be revealed later, but the release date has been set for March 1. The limited first edition of kites will be available in small quantity as Tucker will spend the winter producing and quality testing as many as possible before the release date.

Fitness Life Stories will host photos and video of Tucker's custom handmade kites as well as interview clips from their producer.

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