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Scott Tucker Holds Tattoo Collaboration Event

Scott Tucker has announced he will hold a tattoo collaboration event this spring in New Orleans, LA. Inspired Creative Fun will cover the event with photos and sketches from attending artists.


New Orleans, LA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/30/2015 -- Inspired Creative Fun, the web center for inspirational resources and creative community, will feature the upcoming "Tattoo Collab" event held by tattoo artist Scott Tucker. The event will feature tattoo artists working together in pairs to draw one of a kind dual-artist tattoo designs.

"When I saw this concept playing out on social media I immediately thought about holding an event," says Tucker. "My co-workers also knew about this collaborative movement and were willing to participate in a physical meetup rather than exclusively working on designs online. This is just an online thing I came to find out, not many tattoo artists are actually meeting up to draw designs together like I'm proposing but I think it will be an awesome event regardless of the lack of precedence."

The tattoo collaboration event will feature 20 tattoo artists working to create 10 collaborative designs with one another. Tucker has agreed to hold the event at his tattoo shop in New Orleans, LA with other tattoo artists from the area coming in to fill in the collaboration spots not held by his staff. The event will be free to attend for the collaboration artists.

"This is a really unique situation, Tucker will be taking something from social media and making it physical and tangible," says Inspired Creative Fun contributor Brian Henderson. "Not a lot of things translate the way we hope when we take the idea from social media and try to make it a reality, but I personally think Tucker will have a successful event."

The event date has not been confirmed yet but will be announced after artists have been confirmed. Tucker continues to search for willing participants for the collaboration. Registration will be available online closer to the event to confirm attending artists secure their spot. Tucker will feature all artwork produced at the collaboration event in his tattoo shop as well as on the shop's social media pages.

Inspired Creative Fun will post photos in a feature article on the blog after the event.

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About Scott Tucker
Scott Tucker is a custom tattoo artist who owns his own tattoo shop with a specialty for traditional tattoos and hand painted artwork. He lives in Louisiana with his wife Marlene and daughter Megan.