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Scott Tucker Debuts Low-Tech Tent for Technology Free Camping

Hiking expert Scott Tucker will debut a Low-Tech Tent that is safe for outdoor camping in parks and back yards. Inspired Creative Fun to feature the tent, interview the design team, and publish photos of the tent's set up process.


Olympia, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/30/2015 -- Inspired Creative Fun, a web center for fostering encouragement and inspiring people, will share a review of Scott Tucker's "Low-Tech Tent" with their readers. The minimal technology inspired, low-tech camping tent will be available this spring in Olympia, WA recreation stores.

"Camping gets a ramp up in the spring after the snow starts to melt," says Inspired Creative Fun writer Hannah Lawson. "And having a low-tech option is great for new campers and old school campers who are resistant to heavy tech burdened and complicated tents. We think our readers will really appreciate this tent and enjoy getting back to basics."

The tent, which feature button closures and tie downs, is water resistant and zipper-free similar to tents from the 1950's and beyond. It can be set up by one person with rods and stakes that come with the tent to keep it as low-tech and authentic as possible.

"Setting up your own simple tent is one of the most rewarding feelings a person can experience," says Tucker's lead designer Brandon Walker. "Our tent takes the essentials from pre-Vietnam era camping tents and re-creates them into a higher quality but equally low-tech product. You can set it up on your own or with a friend to speed up the process but it's always going to be easy and smooth to get it up."

The tent's cost has not been announced yet but the release date has been confirmed for March 1. Tucker designed the tent with his engineers to withstand light rain and wind, stating that it is safe for residential and park use only.

Inspired Creative Fun will cover Tucker's low-tech tent release this spring with interviews and photos.

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