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Nutritionist Scott Tucker Releasing New Line of Energy Bars

Fit Life Forever More will announce details of nutritionist Scott Tucker's new line of energy bars with photos and reviews of the bars. The new food line of savory energy bars will be available this coming summer.


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/10/2015 -- The site for healthy lifestyle advice, Fit Life Forever More, spotlights Scott Tucker's new energy bar food line in an upcoming article. The new energy bars are designed to go with the average diet of the health conscious community. The energy bar flavors include "Caribou Stew Blast", "Banana and Date" and "Deer and Eggs."

"These new flavors are really something you can sink you teeth into," says Fit Life Forever More contributor Tom Pardy. "Scott sent our team a whole crate of these things to try and write reviews about, and we are so grateful that he chose us to be involved in the release. There are flavors for vegans, vegetarians, paleo people, and even just the normies have some flavors too."

Scott Tucker operates a small business with other nutritionists in Phoenix, AZ with a focus on adult and senior health. Since his graduation from college, Tucker worked with many fitness centers and gyms in the area in addition to working with his own business partners. Tucker developed his new line of energy bars over the past two years of research and development with his partners and area fitness experts.

"I have always had an interest in the paleolithic diet and saw a market for a high protein food supplement with its roots in the paleolithic age," says Tucker. "I'm of the opinion that our ancestors were carnivorous, they ate meat, and a lot of it. A healthy diet in my opinion is all about lowering carbohydrate consumption and increasing free-range animal protein consumption, that's what I'm creating with these new energy bars."

Scott Tucker's new Paleolithic Bars will be available for order from his website in the summer 2016. Fit Life Forever More will publish photos and review the new products in their upcoming article spotlighting Tucker.

"I'm not sure if there is enough caribou for everyone in America to eat these bars every day, but I'm certainty happy it is an option that's available," says Pardy. "We have enjoyed these treats immensely and are more than willing to sample anything Mr. Tucker throws our way."

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