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Fitness Life Stories Announces New Gym from Scott Tucker

Local Amateur Gymnast Scott Tucker opens new gym for older folks interested in gymnastics and sits down to talk with Fitness Life Stories.


Tampa, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/06/2014 -- An article recently published on Fitness Life Stories announces an adult-oriented gymnastics program from coach Scott Tucker.

Fitness Life Stories is very excited to get a sit down with Scott Tucker to talk about his brand new gym designed specifically for adults interested in learning gymnastics.

"People are constantly writing in and emailing asking about which gyms are worth joining and what to look for when choosing one. We are adding Scott Tucker's gym to that short list that we are 100 percent behind," says Tom Watkins, one of the site designers at Fitness Life Stories.

"I have been working with gymnasts of all ages for the past 13 years of my life and have finally got around to having the time to design the adult program I wanted," says Scott Tucker. "Being an amateur gymnast doesn't leave a lot of time on your hands, so I'm really happy to get this news our there to the people that are interested. Fitness Life Stories contacted me about a feature article and after looking over their site for a bit, I realized it was the perfect outlet."

Tucker's gym, called 'The Old Beginner', proves to be one of the few in the world that caters almost exclusively to adults.

Scott Tucker continues, "Of course we will have classes for all ages, but our focus is on adults as that is where we are seeing the most interest and the least accommodation."

"When we first contacted Scott about doing a feature on the site, he said he would get back to us which kinda burst our bubble a little bit. But when he called back the next day he was more than reassured that this was the right site for him," Watkins said happily.

Scott Tucker's gym, 'The Old Beginner', is scheduled to open on the first day of Summer 2014, open to all with a love of gymnastics and fitness.

By Jerald Huff

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