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Scottish Kilt Announce Quality Policy Update: Love It or Burn It


Brooklyn, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/08/2016 -- Scottish Kilt is a producer of custom kilts for men and women, their highly experienced and skilled craftsmen create handmade, premium quality kilts that are designed to fit the exact measurements sent by buyers.

Maintaining the highest standard of quality and craftsmanship are the core pillars of Scottish Kilt because they want each customer to be fully satisfied with their purchases, therefore to enforce these quality standards, the company has announced quality policy update – Love It or Burn It money back guarantee.

The Scottish Kilt spokesperson said: "At Scottish Kilt Shop, your satisfaction is our number one priority. We work hard to ensure that our kilts are capable of not just meeting, but exceeding your expectations. Still, we know it's hard to trust the quality of a product when you're shopping online and not able to see or touch it for yourself."

The new satisfaction guarantee that is now in effect will ensure that the customer's purchase is protected, if a Utility kilt made by Scottish Kilt does not meet quality standards. With the satisfaction guarantee, the company will refund customer's money fully if they are dissatisfied with the quality or appearance of their kilt. They just simply have to take it to a safe place burn it and make a video or picture of it. Send it to Scottish Kilt via email at and the full amount of the purchase will be refunded right to the customer's credit card.

He further added: "Our satisfaction guarantee is designed to give you confidence that you're purchasing a kilt that is of exceptional quality, so it covers all aspects of workmanship."

The 100% Satisfaction Love It or Burn It Guarantee covers any defect, style or quality concerns including:

Quality of the fabric
Workmanship or stitching
Cutting or finishing
Quality or strength of the buttons or hardware
Any other manufacturing issue

However, it should be noted that each kilt is made according to given measurements by customers, therefore love it or burn it guarantee does not cover any measuring issues, therefore its highly recommended that customer must take their measurements considering measuring guides.

Customers can easily contact Scottish Kilt customer support for assistance before the order is placed so they can provide guidance and help about how to measure right.

For more information, please watch their video:

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