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Scottish Kilt Shop Introduces New Brand Ambassador Rewards Program


Brooklyn, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/17/2016 -- Scottish Kilt Shop, an online retailer that specializes in the production of high-quality kilts for both men and women, has made it easier than ever before to purchase an affordable custom kilt through their new Brand Ambassador service.

Kilts are becoming a staple item in many closets since they have become more fashionable to have for everyday wear. Many men are now looking for a new way to change up their wardrobes and implement kilts of all styles into their circulation of outfits. Following in the footsteps of original Scottish kilt craftsmanship, each kilt is custom made to order to ensure a perfect fit and a style that is well loved. While custom kilts often come with an expensive price tag, through the use of Scottish Kilt Shop's Brand Ambassador program, owning a custom kilt at an affordable price is made possible.

By signing up to become a member of the Brand Ambassador program, the customer receives a 50% lifetime discount on all kilts purchased for their personal use as the first perk. Their family members and friends will receive a 20% lifetime discount, making this program not only affordable for self-ownership of kilts but for easily gifting them as well.

When a customer signs up for this program they will receive free kilts periodically. These kilts are sent out for the customer to review, allowing them to try many different styles at no cost to them. As a new Brand Ambassador, they will obtain $500 worth of merchandise initially, as well as their name on the Scottish Kilt Shop's company website stating their position within the company. If interest is shown in the endeavor, they may use this title as Brand Ambassador to help themselves in becoming a custom kilt supplier in their region.

In return for the valuable deals that the Scottish Kilt Shop does offer, the customer is asked to perform a very small number of tasks for the company. When they first receive their free kilts for the purpose of reviewing, they are asked to post a detailed video review instead of a text-based review. In the Scottish Kilt Shop forums, however, the company asks that the new Ambassador does write a post in the Kilt Forums regarding their membership a couple of times each month. Small videos that discuss aspects of the company as well as the products that are offered are also encouraged.

Scottish Kilt Shop values their customer's input highly and would like active suggestions regarding the making of new kilts, including designs and patterns. They ask as well for pointers as to how to improve the quality of their products from the customer's point of view. This means collaborating with the team located in their manufacturing facility to help implement these ideas and bring them to fruition.

For more information regarding the new Scottish Kilt Shop Brand Ambassador program or the Scottish Kilt Shop in general, contact them at 443-305-9839 or leave a message for them at www.scottishkiltshop.com/contacts.