Seo Gladiator, TheYouBible App, Announces Addition of Video Capabilities, theYouBible app, one of the major bible apps available, announces the addition of video capabilities to their application.


Belfast, Ireland -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/29/2016 --, the YouBible app, one of the leading bible apps available, announces addition of video capabilities to their application. YouBible app is owned and operated by Litchfield Associates, who acquired the copyrights to Alexander Scourby in 1991. Alexander Scourby, a radio, film, and stage actor, is considered to be "The voice of the Bible." Using his iconic voice, he read over four hundred books for the Talking Books program of the American Foundation for the Blind, including the King James Version of the bible. His methods and intonation have gained creditability ever since audio reading became popular.

The app was first named "The Ultimate Bible App" and then changed its name to "The YouBible App". Litchfield Associates believes that their app is "The newest way to access the oldest book". The application has many features which have gained in popularity over the years. It uses BiModal Presentation, syncing text and audio together as well as allowing the user to create customized playlists of favorite verses. It works like a social application, allowing the user to share verses with friends and family. Its use of the repeat option allows for greater memorization and its full search engine is easy to use. The daily bible reading plan and bible maps allow for increased retention and increased understanding of scripture.

The video capabilities that has. Allows the user to watch informative videos about the story of King James. Litchfield Associates believes the KJV (King James Version) is the oldest and most prominent version of the bible. The bible is an ancient collection of writings, written over the course of 1,600 years, made up of sixty-six different books, by at least forty distinct authors. The Jewish scriptures are what starts the history of the bible. Leather scrolls and tablets were used as a historical record for the Jews over the centuries. The authors included many types of leaders, shepherds, prophets, and even kings. The first five books are called the Law, and after about 450 BC, they, along with other scriptural texts, were organized into a book.

The website,, has more information available. It allows the users of the site to see demos on the YouBible app, as well as videos to watch about the King James Version of the bible. There is a support section and help pages which gives the user information about downloading the app and technical requirements for the system the user is loading it onto. They also give step by step instructions on how to check those technical requirements, such as how to test the user's download speed. Users who would like to support the app can become a partner and help promote the site on their own website. There are also testimonials and reviews from many different sources and a list of the top features to give the user a better idea on the specifics of the app.

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