Joe Bragg Shows Visitors How to Find Scrap Metal Around the Home to Sell for Profit


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/06/2013 -- Scrap metal has always been a valuable commodity. But today, with commodity prices high, many people are realizing just how valuable scrap metal can be – even if they only find bits and pieces of scrap metal around their home.

That’s a lesson that wants to share with Australians. At, visitors will learn how to find scrap metal around any home, including the specific types of scrap metal that offer the best returns. The website lists the latest scrap metal prices and shows visitors how to sell scrap metals in states across Australia.

For many visitors, the most interesting part of the website is the guide on finding scrap metal around their home. Whether poor or rich, many people are surprised to discover just how much scrap metal is hidden around their house waiting to be sold.

A spokesperson for explains some of the best spots to find scrap metal:

“Scrap metal can be found all over the home. Aluminium cans, for example, can be found in just about any home. And other items like junk cars, leftover copper piping and wiring, and even broken appliances can all be used and sold for scrap metal at any scrap metal recycler.”

Once visitors have found scrap metal lying around their home, they’re generally interested in learning how much it’s worth. That’s why lists the prices for all major types of scrap metal, including copper, aluminium, brass, lead, and stainless steel.

The quality of scrap metal affects the price. While clean copper is worth $5 to $6 per kilogram, mixed copper is worth slightly less, at $4 to $5 per kilogram. Furthermore, the state in which the scrap metal is sold can also play a role. South Australia is the only state that pays a deposit per can (10 cents), while every other state pays by weight.

There are all different kinds of metals available around the house and in junkyards. But not all of these metals can be sold for a profit. The website specifically lists the types of metals that are generally accepted at a local scrap metal recycler:

-Stainless steel

While gold is commonly found in electronics equipment, most scrap metal recyclers do not accept electronics on their own, although some recyclers are dedicated to recycling electronics.

Whether learning how to sell scrap metal for the first time or simply interested in learning the latest scrap metal prices, wants to help Australians find the hidden value lying around their home.

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