Scratch and Dent Appliances Website Offers Up to 60% off Brand Name Appliances- Users Getting Slightly Damaged Appliances For Less Than Half the Price


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/14/2011 -- In response to the growing demand for massively discounted appliances, “Scratch and Dent Appliances” is announcing its website that helps users find slightly damaged items at up to 60% savings.

With the economy still struggling, more and more homeowners are searching for ways to cut down on their expenses. This is especially true with homes that are about to go on the market or new homes that need touching up before they are livable. But when homeowners are faced with heavily inflated retail prices they oftentimes have to reevaluate their plan and they end up getting far less than what they were hoping for.

This is the basis for By providing a one stop resource for some of the best deals on internet, users can come away with massive savings on their appliances- and for far less sacrifice than it might appear.

Scratch and Dent Appliances are appliances that have encountered some sort of damage to their exterior appearance during transit or on the showroom floor. Usually this comes in the form of a scratch or a small dent and the damage does not affect the actual function of the appliance.

What this means for shoppers is that they can get huge deals on otherwise perfectly functional appliances- most of which are brand new, and all of which function just as well as a similar appliance for twice the price.

According to the website, most of the time the damage can be repaired or hidden, especially if it is present on the side of an appliance which usually isn’t seen anyway: “Some can be repaired with things you already have lying around the house. For example, some dents will pop right out with a plunger. Some minor scratches can be buffed out with a dish scrubber. And you can cover up paint chips or major scratches with a little bit of touch-up paint. Even if you decide to take the appliance to a professional for repairs, you’ll still wind up paying less than you would have spent if you had to pay full price,” says the website

Scratch and Dent Appliances offers resources for washers, dryers, refrigerators, cook tops, ranges, dishwashers, microwaves, air conditioners and water heaters.

In addition to providing avenues to find the absolute best deals on scratch and dent appliances, the website has an information center on the ins and outs of shopping effectively. Like most other things, finding bargains is an art, and the website shows users how to perfect the craft until they walk away with amazing deals on their appliances.

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