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Screen Printing Glass Market Expecting an Outstanding Growth Till 2024


Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/30/2018 -- Screen printing is a widely used printing technique and uses a stencil pressed against a screen to obtain clearly printed images on glass surfaces. It is one of the oldest printing techniques still in use, and has even withstood the rising adoption of digital printing to become crucial in several sectors. Modern advances in optics and glassworks have only served to enhance the screen printing glass market, which is thus likely to exhibit steady growth in the coming years.

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The growth of the consumer electronics industry has been a vital driver for the global screen printing glass market. Allied to the growth of the telecommunications sector, the demand for electronic items such as smartphones has grown at unprecedented rates, propelling several other connected markets such as the screen printing glass market. The growing demand for glass has been a constant in the consumer electronics industry due to the increasing ease of incorporating it into electronic devices and the protection provided by advanced technology that provides glasses unprecedented physical resistance. The rising demand for display devices is also likely to help the screen printing market's growth.

The rising use of glass in the construction industry and the automotive sector is also likely to be a key driver for the global screen printing glass market in the coming years. The rising disposable income of consumers has driven the demand for glass in the construction sector, as it presents several aesthetic benefits over conventional construction materials. The steady demand for printing on automotive glasswork is also likely to remain a key contributor to the global screen printing glass market in the coming years, as automotive glass is now being made to the highest quality standards.

Screen printing, one of the oldest and most versatile form of printing technique, passes ink through a screen that is extended on a frame under high tension. Depending upon the image to be imprinted, a stencil is placed atop the screen to block particular parts not needed. The openings on the stencil create an image on the printing material. Glass is the most preferred printing material for screen printing technique.

One interesting fact about screen printing is that the emergence and rising popularity of the modern digital printing technology has done little to crimp its demand. This is because screen printing on glass still steals a march over other printing methods on account of the quality and long lasting impression of the image. Depending upon its different application, the global market for screen printing glass can be segregated into consumer goods industry, architecture and interior, gaming, pharmaceutical, furniture and appliance, electronics, marketing and advertising industry, automotive, and the graphics industry. Among them, printed electronics and automotive significantly contribute to the industry.

Prominent growth drivers in the global screen printing glass market are their industrial and commercial applications on account of the color vivacity and longer durability of screen-printed glass materials. Currently, modern screen printing machinery and integrated automated systems used for printing provide a wide array of colors and also greater color saturation. Additionally, the thickness of ink applied to glass is higher than that applied in digital printing. This results in a richer print and greater durability against scratches, humidity, and UV rays, making it useful for industrial applications.

Screen printing process for glass can also be customized with special color effects. This coupled with its cost-effectiveness, especially in case of large orders and superior image quality is driving growth in the global screen printing glass market. For applications like branded cosmetic or home decoration companies where quality is of utmost importance, screen printing is preferred.

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