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Screw Grabber Screwdriver Accessory Adds Super Contractor's Pack to Kickstarter Reward Levels

A new Super Contractor’s Pack reward has been added to the Kickstarter campaign for the Screw Grabber, an invention that holds non-magnetic screws on the end of screwdriver. For a pledge of $40, supporters will receive 30 large and 10 small Screw Grabbers if the project meets its $18,000 crowd funding goal by March 22, 2014.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/14/2014 -- The creator of the Screw Grabber, a new invention that securely holds non-magnetic screws on the end of a screwdriver, has added a $40.00 Super Contractor’s Pack reward level to his crowd funding campaign on Kickstarter. If the project meets its funding goal of $18,000 by March 22, supporters who pledge $40.00 or more will receive an assortment of 30 large and 10 small Screw Grabbers. The Screw Grabber can be pre-ordered online at at for a pledge of at least $7.00. So far, the campaign has attracted over 600 supporters who have pledged a total of $11,205.00.

“Almost half of our supporters have chosen our Contractor Pack of 20 Screw Grabbers as a reward,” says inventor Phillip Kauffman, 29, a resident of Los Angeles. “This was surprising, because we thought the Screw Grabber would appeal more to the do-it-yourself market and boaters than professional contractors and mechanics. But clearly, both professionals and DIY tool users are looking for a way to keep non-magnetic screws on the end of a screwdriver.”

A major national hardware chain has already expressed interest in the product, a transparent silicone-like sleeve that securely grips a screw at one end and the screwdriver shank at the other. “We need to meet our $18,000 goal before we can move forward with retail distribution,” says Kauffman. Kickstarter funds will pay for the molds needed to manufacture the patent-pending screwdriver accessory. “Unless we raise the remaining $6,795 we need on Kickstarter in the next week, we won’t have a product to sell.”

Kauffman says he tried other tricks for holding a non-magnetic screw, but wasn’t satisfied with any of them. “I always look for simple, elegant solutions,” Kauffman notes, ”and there just wasn’t one that could effectively keep a brass, stainless steel or aluminum screw on the end of a screwdriver without something messy like electrical tape, putty or grease. Other products I tried were clunky, or awkward, or expensive. The Screw Grabber is so simple, easy to use and affordable that you can keep one on every screwdriver in your toolbox.”

About the Screw Grabber
The patent-pending Screw Grabber is a simple silicone-like sleeve with no moving parts. One end of the sleeve has four internal ribs that run parallel to the screwdriver shank. The other end is divided into three sections with perpendicular grooves that hold screw heads ranging from 5/32” to 7/16” in diameter (4 mm to 12 mm). The Screw Grabber is designed for non-magnetic screws, and works on virtually any shape of screw head (pan, dome, mushroom, flat head, countersunk, flanged, etc.), and any type of driver (hex, Torx, straight slot, Phillips, etc.)

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