Scribble Presents a Unique Scribble Pen with More Than 100,000 Colors in Its Memory


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/28/2014 -- Scribble presents a special and one-of-a-kind scribble pen, created with a new technology, which helps customers to pick any color around them. The amazing thing is that the same color can be easily reproduced on a paper or on a mobile phone. The Scribble pen has more than 100,000 colors in its memory and can draw in more than 16 million unique colors.

People greatly like the idea of choosing their favorite colors from the surrounded objects, like orange, ball, wall, table, book, etc. and use the chosen colors to draw their own pictures on their mobile devices or on a paper. Now this is possible with a special scribble pen, thanks to the innovative technology used in this pen.

Scribble presents the first color picking pen in the world that has multiple benefits to the users. Children can make use of it for fun and for learning purposes; teachers can apply it to make their lessons more attractive. The Scribble pen will be a great helper to artists and photographers, who can improve their work by easily choosing the desired color. In addition, homeowners, interior decorators and designers can use it to copy the exact color they need and to use it in different projects.

The pen is created with a microprocessor and a color sensor that detects the specific color and mixes the ink to reproduce it exactly. It is compact and very comfortable for carrying, as it can perfectly fit a purse or a pocket. It is very user-friendly and even small children will find it easy to use. All they have to do is to pick a color in their favorite objects and doodle it on a paper right away.

The Scribble Pen increases the inner creativity of people and gives them an opportunity to materialize their imagination into a masterpiece.

Apart from a Scribble pen, the company offers also a Scribble stylus that can be connected to a tablet and a mobile phone via blue tooth and using an app, can bring the captured colors. The instant doodling on the screen of the mobile device is also possible.

Many interior decorators, designers, photographers, etc. are very excited about using the Scribble pen, as it helps them a lot in their daily projects, making the process of scanning easy and saving colors for future use. Many of them use this helpful tool for their business presentations.

People, who are interested in the unique scribble pen or scribble stylus, can take a look at to find out more.

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